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– Absorbed Glass Mat technology (great durability and vibration-resistance)
– Totally sealed for life – dry-cell, unspillable and safe
– Maintenance-free
– Dual purpose – Deep cycle battery that can also be utilised as source of starter power
– Supports Stop-Start technology
– Superior performance in extreme temperatures
– Typical max. cycle life of 600 cycles @ 50% Depth of Discharge (DoD)
– Power Demand Level of Intended Application: Medium – Advanced (Regular to Frequent, Intense (Live-On-Board) Usage)
– 4 year manufacturer warranty

The Xtreme series is an exciting and striking-looking premium AGM collection. Xtreme is special in that it is dual-purpose – the batteries in this range are particularly excellent for deep cycling, but can also be used as starter batteries. Xtreme batteries are also suitable for use in vehicles that utilise stop-start systems.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are dry-cell, with the battery acid being encapsulated in fiberglass sheets. In comparison to Flooded batteries, AGMs offer increased levels of reliability and versatility – with no free acid, they can be mounted in any orientation and are better able to handle vibration.

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